hi everybody i hope you're all doing great ♡ today i'm going to be showing you some makeup looks inspired by the show called euphoria.
i loved the makeup looks in the show andi hope you like these ones i'm about to show you and without further ado let's continue...


glitter, makeup, and eyes image lips, beauty, and makeup image makeup, eye, and eyes image makeup, eyes, and beauty image


makeup, glitter, and aesthetic image girl, glitter, and hair image stars, makeup, and aesthetic image stars, aesthetic, and glitter image


red, makeup, and aesthetic image lips, makeup, and red image red, makeup, and aesthetic image makeup, eyes, and aesthetic image


makeup, purple, and beauty image euphoria image lips, makeup, and beauty image makeup, eyes, and beauty image


eye, eyes, and makeup image makeup, blue, and aesthetic image makeup, blue, and eyes image makeup, eyeliner, and blue image

okay so these are just some of the girls whose makeup look is inspired from i hope you like it and also found some inspiration if so make sure to show some luv and you can find other looks and outfits in my collection right here:

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until next time lots of luv

-A ♡