Hey everyone ,
you don´t need much to have a good style , you just need the basics , which you can combine with everything , they are just classic and an all timer for every season . These are the ones I think are important, there no matter how old you are and help when you have nothing to wear. Enjoy reading :).

The white shirt.
Everyone should have a perfect fitting white shirt at home , it goes with EVERYTHING , and when I say that , I mean it. Every color, every kind of cloth.

The leather/biker jacket.
Want to make your classy , chic look more cool , wear a leather jacket. Leather jackets are just an eye catcher and go with with nearly every outfit.

The blazer.
Doesn´t matter which colour or size , if you find your perfect fitting one it will give every look a cool business vibe if you combine one with jeans , a white shirt under it and sneakers. That´s the magic and you have the perfect look . Blazer are just an all timer for everything from more casual to going to the opera.

The light denim jeans.
Vintage or new bought , mom or skinny . Finding the perfect one isn't that easy sometimes , but when you have it , you will keep it forever until it`s completely ripped. And for how to style , the list would be too long to write , because there is no borderline for it.

The „little black one“.
The dress which influenced the 20s and is still influencing in the present.
If you are stressed and don´t know what to wear , grab the dress , put some jewelry on and voila ready. Perfect for every situation and always ready to wear.

The black boots.
The heavy more massive black leather boots , which are my personal go to. Comfortable , and also perfect to give the look a more cool , rocky vibe or even a more chic look , instead of sneaker wear them and your fit is more evening ready . Really in trend right now is wearing dresses , even in the summer time with boots.

The Trench coat.
A beige or black trench coat , especially for the Autumn time. Chic and perfect for the rainy weather.

The white sneakers.
Same as the shirt , they just go with everything and are comfortable to walk all day around.
I love when sneakers are completely white , so they look a bit more fancy.

A pair of ballerinas. You don´t want to be overdressed but at the same time not be underdresses , than ballerinas are perfect , so simple but so classy at the same time .

That ´s it , 9 pieces to creat many looks . If you have those clothes and shoes in your wardrobe , than it will never be hard to find an amazing outfit to creat , with each of them .

I hope I could give you some tips and you got some new inspiration.
Xx Carla