After a long day of school, stress, anxiety, don't you just want to go home and relax? No, I'm not talking about reading a book in a bubble bath—though that does sound lovely too. I'm talking about killing a long day's tiredness with hugs, kisses, and much more 😉

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These people look too rich. I'm too broke for this hehe. But the view is nice.

Here is a list of romantic things you and you boo could do (I don't actually call people boo) to spend a romantic evening together:

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1. Have a date night. Even if you guys have been together for years, you can still schedule a date, get all dolled up, and enjoy the evening together.

2. Get in the tub. Bubbles, champagne, rose petals, and you two.

3. Grab that blanket, grab your bae, and get the two of you in bed to watch a movie.

4. Have a backyard camp and gaze at the sky together.

5. Massage each other using lotion or massaging oil.

6. Cook or bake together. Maybe bake cookies together and eat them straight out of the oven.

7. Play video games together. Sit on his lap and beat him in his own game.

8. Go on a walk holding hands. Talk about anything or enjoy the silence.

9. Go for a drive with the windows down, the music loud. Catch him smiling at you as he drives.

10. Lie on top of your car and gaze at the stars.

11. Go swimming together. The night, the pool lights, and the scent of him blending with the chlorine.

12. I know I said no reading, but that didn't mean he can't read to you or you can't read to him. Ask him to read a steamy scene from a novel you love.

13. Do nothing and lie down, playing with each other's hair.

14. Make out for the longest time.

15. Go to a theme park if there's one in time. If there's a Ferris wheel, even better. Kiss when you two reach the top.

16. Blast music in your house and jam the hell out together. Karaoke it maybe.

17. Talk about your future or what's on your mind. Have deep conversations.

18. Go out for bowling night, laser tagging, etc.

19. Go over old texts the two of you sent and laugh at them.

20. Go on a bike ride.

21. Plan a picnic.

22. Dress up for each other.

23. Relax and sit in front of the fireplace.

24. Work out together.

25. Walk on the beach together.