Hello everyone !
So I go back to school in literally 2 weeks and to be honest, I can't wait. So here's a tag (:

1. What year are you going into?

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I'm going into senior year i guess. It's my last year of high school.

2. What's your favourite part about getting ready for back to school?

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Probably because I'm going to see my friends again and be able to wear cute outfit everyday.

3. What are you nervous and excited for this year?

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I'm nervous because of my final exams, but also excited about it because it will be my last year.

4. Where do you get your insipration from?

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From we heart it, pinterest and instagram. Some celebrities give me inspirations too, like Gabriela Gonzalez, Léna Situations, ...

5. What grade were you in when you first started wearing makeup to school?

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I don't really know, because I don't wear lot of make up, maybe only lipstick and mascara. I will say when I was 13/14.

6. What classes are you taking?

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I live in France, so it's not like what you used to. I have french literature, english literature, supplementary english, and philosophy.

7. What is your favourite subject?

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English for sure, even if I hate my teacher and she hates me.

8. What do you wear to school?

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My school is kinda cool with dress code but also really annoying. We can't really wear dresses and skirts like we want. I usually wear simple clothe, not too fancy and stuff.

9. Have you ever ditched or skipped class?

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Yes but always with my mom authorization lmao

10. What are three non-beauty essentials to carry in your bag?

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My earphones, some money and water.

11. What are three beauty essentials to carry in your bag?

I will say gloss, lipbalm and a hairbrush.

Hope you enjoyed this !

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