Good morning Upper East Siders,

are you ready for the incredible Gossip Girl edition of the "This or that" challenge?

The article that inspired me to do this is linked below :)

Let's do this!

Blair or Serena?

blair waldorf, gossip girl, and leighton meester image
Blair! I love her so so so much. Serena annoyed me most of the time, to be honest

Dan or Jenny?

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Don't really like either of them, but since Jenny was sooo terrible I have to choose Dan

Derena or Nerena?

black & white, black and white, and blake lively image
They were made for each other, Nerena forever

Carter Baizen or Damian Dalgaard?

gossip girl and carter baizen image
Definitely Carter

Jenny or Eric?

gossip girl and eric van der woodsen image
Eric!!! He is so sweet and he should have been in a lot more episodes

Vanessa or Georgina?

Image by 𝐀𝐫𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚
First of all I'd like to point out that I don't understand all the hate Vanessa gets 'cause I don't think she's that bad. Maybe a little boring. Gotta go for Georgina though 'cause she is iconic and kinda funny

Bart Bass or Jack Bass?

gossip girl and jack bass image
Jack Bass. He was only horrible in the beginning, while Bart was horrible the whole time

Lily or Rufus?

gossip girl, lily van der woodsen, and lily humphrey image
Lily..she may not be the perfect mom, but she is a confident and stylish business woman and I find that very inspirational

Chate or S&B?

Image by uppereastsiders
Chate, actually...I don't know, I guess I feel like their friendship was a little less troubled than S and Bs

Chair or Derena?

blair waldorf, chuck bass, and ed westwick image
Chaaair, my babies, they are so perfect

Waldorfs or van der Woodsens?

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Waldorfs! They own the most beautiful apartment and I love Eleanor and Cyrus and of course Dorota

Blair vs Serena or Blair vs Jenny?

bad girl, blair waldorf, and Brooklyn image
Blair vs Jenny, because Blair eventually "won" and Jenny left and I was so happy about that (sorry for all the hate but I reeeeally hate Jenny)

Blair's style or Serena's style?

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100% Blair's

Upper East Side or Brooklyn?

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Upper East Side, always

High School Years or University Years?

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High School Years, because come on, how many times have we actually seen them go to Uni?

Wedding Drama or Thanksgiving Drama?

gossip girl and thanksgiving image
Thanksgiving drama, simply because I love Thanksgiving, it just has such a great vibe to it with all the foood and stuff haha

If you happen to be a Gossip Girl fan as well, do this challenge, it is a lot of fun!

xoxo Gossip Girl