Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great week! Today I dicidec to write about my study tips. For me it’s all about being consistent, on top of your work and try to maximize the amount studied in the least time.
Hope you have a great school year!

Try not to accumulate a lot of work

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I’m certainly guilty of this, I sometimes tend to wait till last minute to study for a test or do a report, specially when I don’t like the subject. But try and study little by little and you’ll thank yourself later.

Focus on one task at a time

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Trying to do everything at once is always a bad idea has you’ll probably end up with getting nothing done. Focusing on one task at a time will allow you to be much more focused on each one and you’ll get your work done faster.

Plan your study time

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Order your things by how important and urgent they are and do them in order. Also, try to estimate how long each task will take you. This is particularly useful in cases were you have long assignments that you can break in various parts and do one each day.

Plan your breaks as well

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Studying for long hours at the time will probably make you more tired and exhausted and your study time will be less productive. I personally like to do break every two hours and they last for about 15 minutes. TIP: try not to watch tv or YouTube videos in that time as you’ll probably want to continuing watching that for more than 15 minutes and then you end up with one hour breaks.

Have a glass of water near you

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Staying hydrated is really important and drinking water makes me feel more productive somehow.

If you don’t understand something, google it or look for explanations on YouTube

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There are a lot of teachers on YouTube explaining different subjects whether you’re in college or in school! Sometimes you do have to watch a bunch of different ones until you’ll find one that will actually help you but it doesn’t take long. Try not to get distracted about other videos about fun stuff though :)

Hope you enjoyed my article!
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