Hi !

Today, I'm gonna present you some of my favorites Netflix series
(part 1/3)

1- Dynasty

dynasty, nathalie kelley, and elizabeth gillies image
It's the story of the two richest families in the United States, the Carringtons and the Colbys, fighting for control of their wealth and their family. I love this series because it is full of rebound and you never know what will happen

2- Grey's Anatomy

grey's anatomy and meredith grey image
I know this series is not available on netflix but I wanted to put it in this article because it is one of my favorite series.

3- Jane the virgin

jane, relationship goals, and jane the virgin image
Jane, a very pious, still virgin, on the verge of getting engaged, is accidentally inseminated artificially after a series of improbable events.

4- Friends

friends, chandler bing, and funny image
The adventures of six New York friends. Between love, work, family, they share their happiness and their worries in Central Perk, their favorite coffee. This series is perfect to chill, eat snacks and relax.

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