• Full Name: Dorothy Orla O'Quinn
  • Nickname(s): Dorly
  • Age: 17
  • Date of Birth: September 13
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Ethnicity: She is an Irish Snake-woman.
  • Hometown: The State of the Snake-women.


  • Hair
hair, curly, and curly hair image flowers, beauty, and hair image Afro, boy, and curly hair image hair image
Dorothy has a black big afro.
  • Eyes
eyes, blue, and toni mahfud image eyes, green eyes, and tabs image
She has bright green eyes.
  • Face & Body
celebrities, fashion, and girls image fashion, girl, and gold image abs, beach, and bikini image Temporarily removed
Dolly is a beautiful black girl. Her skin is pretty light. She is tall & slim.


  • Everyday
fashion, style, and outfit image Image by springkg Image by IlincaP⚡️💫 plaid, slacks, and sweater image
She loves being classy.
  • At School
black, grunge, and tumblr image accessories, chains, and green image Image removed Image by jasei
She has to wear a black checkered skirt, a green turtleneck because she is in the telekinesis section. With, she wears a black leather jacket & black boots.
  • For Balls
Image by iarahammoud shoes and cute image Image by Rena evening dress, dress, and prom dresses image
She wears silver dress with clear or black heels.
  • For Events
fashion, style, and outfit image accessories, blouse, and classy image fashion, outfit, and girl image tattoo, fashion, and girl image
She wears casual classy gray outfit.


  • For Balls
Temporarily removed red, lipstick, and aesthetic image


grunge, aesthetic, and shhh image aesthetic, clever, and cleverness image aesthetic, red, and sinner image fun, grunge, and quotes image
She is a really quiet girl. She is clever & mature for her age. She is also pretty cold but also fun with her friends.


  • Other
gold, microphone, and sing image photo, photoshoot, and studio image
She likes singing & modeling.


little mix image theme, green, and coconut image coachella, dance, and ferris wheel image accessories, earrings, and fashion image
She loves the beach, coconuts, partying & snakes.


beach, blue, and mermaid image Temporarily removed butterfly, aesthetic, and orange image Temporarily removed
She doesn't like the Mermaids, sneakers, butterflies & anti-feminist.

Dorothy as a Snake

Image by t
snake, bracelet, and slytherin image snake, gold, and animal image
When she turns into a snake, she is gold.

Favorite Color(s)

drink, summer, and pink image
Gold, rose golr & black.

Significant Other

beautiful girl, cheat, and cheating image
She is single.

Old Halloween Costumes

Abusive image Mature image


Temporarily removed chic, delicate, and gold image
She is a student in a magic school. She is one of the representative of the Snake-Women, the Telekinesis one.

# Power(s)

telekinesis, american horror story, and coven image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, edit, and hand image
She has the telekinesis power.


Temporarily removed
She has a puppy, Milo.

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