For those of you who don't know, subliminals are songs, sounds and melodies that help you achieve a certain goal.

These are some that I've listened to and noticed some nice changes after, but it may vary from person to person. Along with listening to them, I've been drinking lots of water and mint tea, have been doing light daily exercise (a 5-minute run, a bike ride, or a long walk, as well as 100 squats a week (I always do squats after a meal, just fyi) and 30 ab crunches every other morning (before I eat, to burn fat and get 11 abs). I have also been trying to get more sleep.
I listen to subliminals about 2 times a day, depending on which one I need most, and then I listen to each subliminal once as I'm falling asleep.

This is a subliminal booster. Not sure if it works as I have just started using it, but many people tell me that it helps get better results.

This is a subliminal I use to get taller. Holy f*ck, this one is a m a z i n g!!!! I grew 2 cm after listening to it for 3 days. HIGHLY recommend!

This one helps you glow up overall. It's also a HUGE confidence booster. After listening to it just a few times, my legs have gotten toned and my eye bags are going away (nothing worked on them, I had deep creases on my cheeks from sleep deprivation, and even when I slept for 12 hours a day for a month they didn't go away until now). I've also noticed that my face is a lot brighter and my lips are more pink and plump.

This is a leg slimming subliminal. It also makes your legs longer. My family has been saying my legs have been looking longer, and they don't even know I do subliminals! XD

This has helped me get thiccer than a bowl of oatmeal ;) My butt grew from a sad 32.5 inches to 34.3 inches. :)

This one has helped me a LOT, and with mint tea + this subliminal, I have a 22.5 inch waist :)

When listening to subliminals, I've noticed that it helps when you talk to yourself, saying your goal. (For example, my eyes are bigger, I have long hair, my waist is thinner, and my acne is going away.) Looking at pictures of your goal look or drawing what you want to look like has also helped me. Subliminals work because they make you more optimistic and make you believe in yourself. Science has proven that being more optimistic makes you a healthier person. So sip that water, take a deep breath, and believe in yourself! You can do this! You're a goddess :)