Hello my precious pumpkins

The time is finally here. It's been raining the whole week. The air is getting crispier and fall decoration is heading to the stores. Fall is and Always will be my favorite season. It's a season where everyone can make their new start while trees are dying to prepare for theirs. It's also the perfect time to start the fall/autumn tag again!

Last year I made an article about the fall/autumn tag where anyone who wants to can answer these fall related questions in their own article. Now's the time to do the 2019 version! Same questions but maybe different answers! The fall feeling and vibes will never change, but a new favorite fall scent or fashion piece can change. You can change.


🍁 1) What signifies the start of fall to you?

The feeling just is there. The feeling of the need for change. The feeling that summer is getting to it's end. Fall is also my favorite season so it can't start sooner or later haha. It rains all day here in Belgium so it's the perfect time to take those fall candles, make some hot chocolate and read a good book. It's just the feeling.

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🍁 2) Best way to spend a rainy day?

I love to just sit next to my window with a hot drink and a book or a good Halloween movie. It's also nice to visit your favorite coffee shop and sit somewhere near a window and just enjoy the view with your favorite hot drink. You can take your laptop too if you want to or read a good book.

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🍁 3) Favorite fall scent?

Just like last year: apple cinnamon. It's just the best fall scent you can imagine! I also have a pinecone one which also smells delicious and fesh!

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🍁 4) Favorite fall song?

Last year I answered Supermarket flowers and Hero but now I just don't know. I love just love some nice acoustic music that just gives me the fall vibes.

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🍁 5) Favorite fall colour?

It's still Ochre! But I also love beige and red for fall.

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🍁6) Favorite fall clothing piece?

Sweaters will always be my favorite but I fell in love for cute boots and trench coats. These combined can make a fall outfit so simple but classy.

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🍁7) Your most loved fall activity?

Pumpkin carving or watching a scary movie hidden under a pile of blankets! I'm not really the type of girl to watch a scary movie but I do like Hocus Pocus and Nightmare before Christmas.

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🍁 8) The best fall treat?
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🍁 9) Who needs to do this tag too?

EVERYONE! You can answet these questions to in your article.
AND I will feature your fall/autumn tag in one of my upcoming articles just like last year!

Don't forget to use #WeHeartFall so I can find your tag easier! :)


My autumn theme
My yearly fall/autumn theme is finally here! I'll be posting anything autumn related till November 15.

Thank you so much for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it helped and inspired you! It means so much to me that people like to read what I post and it really motivated me to keep going. You are the best!

and remember: stay true, stay beautiful, stay you!

Lots of Love,
Mimi xoxo