Name: Dalia Dawndark

Date of birth: 15th November 1973

Parents: Her father David Dawndark is famous defence against the dark arts book writter and her mother Persefona Dawndark (née Illir) is the antique shop owner.

Blood status: Pure-blood


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bubbly, serious, optimistic, open hearted, very outgoing, creative, clever


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medium hight, slim, short brown hair with fringe, grey eyes, red cheeks


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white blouses, beige pants, neutral tones, yellow sweaters, brown boats with gold jewelry

Interests and skills:

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history, manly archaeology, stars, travelling, reading


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coconut, honey and vanilla


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silver lime, phoenix feather, 13 ¼


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orange fox


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her parents who are proud Slytherins were very happy that their daughter were sorted in Hufflepuff

Favorite spells:

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protego, nox, reparo, nebulus

Favorite classes:

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Divination, Astronomy, Ancient studies and Care of magical creatures


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Clo is her older cousin and a Slytherin student, they are very close and she tells her every little secret.
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Sebastian Green and Dalia are the same age, they boded when they were chosen to do divination homework together

Love interest:

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Charlie Weasley was one year older than Dalia. She didn't know him from the begining, but fell in love when she saw him playing quidditch. They started dating in his sixth year. They were very happy together. She loved him very much.

Celestial ball:

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light pink amost nude dress with gold embroidery and gold heels

Life after Hogwarts:

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she became an archaeologist and a healer sadly, Charlie and her broke up when Charlie went to Romania , but they still send each other letters. She seattled in a village near the burrow with her golden king charles cavalier puppy.