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1. Favourite movie

Temporarily removed Image removed
"Doctor Strange"

2. Favourite Female character

Image removed Marvel, valkyrie, and Avengers image

3. Favourite Male character

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Avengers, winter soldier, and Marvel image
The winter Soldier

4. Favorite vilains

t'challa, black panther, and Marvel image africa, gold, and heritage image
N'Jadaka alias Erik Killmonger

5. Favorite ship

Temporarily removed starlord, gamora, and guardiansofthegalaxy image

6. Favourite friendship (hard)

falcon, Marvel, and bucky barnes image gif, drax, and guardians of the galaxy image Image removed Marvel, Avengers, and gif image
Falcon/Bucky, Mantis/Drax, Thor/Loki and Wong/Doctor

7. Favourite actress and actor

zoe saldana, the words, and dora jansen image robert downey jr image
Zoe Saldana and Robert Downey Jr.

8. Favourtie super-power

elizabeth olsen, Marvel, and scarlet witch image header, Marvel, and thor image
Powers of Wanda and Thor