I've seen a lot of posts like about school and i decided to make one too! I think it's kind of a nice way to get ready for school by writing about it. So let's get into it.

What year are you going into?

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I am going to second year in high school, in my country it's really messed up so when you go to high school you spend there 3 years.

What's your favourite part about getting ready for back to school?

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I guess going shopping for new supplies & just the thought about seeing my friends almost everyday!! I love them so much and they make every day in school better.

What are you nervous and excited for this year?

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I am really nervous about balancing school & free time because i want to go out more but i am not good about it. Also this year will be harder and i still want to be a good student. And there's also excitement because there should be a lot of birthday parties this year. And still i really like studying so i guess i am excited for this too.

Where do you get your insipration from?

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We heart it & pinterest, sometimes also instagram

What grade were you in when you first started wearing makeup to school?

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I started really early because i had acne, i was about 12?

What classes are you taking?

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Biology & Chemistry, also i will have additional German

What is your favourite subject?

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English!! I have such a nice teacher so it's even easier to study it.

What do you wear to school?

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Everything that is allowed & that i feel comfortable in. It only depends on the weather & how i feel that day.

Have you ever ditched or skipped class?

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Sometimes but only the ones that don't matter. Usually i try to survive and to learn that it's not good to skip them.

What are three non-beauty essentials to carry in your bag?

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My headphones, sunglasses & calendar.

What are three beauty essentials to carry in your bag?

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I feel like that as time go by i have almost all of my lipglosses in my bag. Everyday i just find a new one somewhere there & i don't even know when did i took them with me to school. Also powder.

What is your go-to-Make up?

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Concealer, mascara & brows. When i am feeling extra i do some eyeshadow which depends on how much time i have. If not a lot i go with brown one but if I can go crazy i go with colors.

Slay this year guys!!