"You have ten minutes, you silly," She giggled and said, "Bring some pillows and snacks. I'd love some help for my project."

With a grin settling on my face, I nodded then mentally scolded myself as I realized she wouldn't be able to see me nodding. "I'll be there before you know." I assured and the phone call ended.

This is what I had feared. I got trapped on her clouds as it rained below me; I didn't hesitate even when I knew the rains I bring were very much capable of ruining her birthday. My heartstrings contracted while my reflection in the mirror mimicked my expressions. Clenching my fists, I tried to muster up some courage and bring back the wisps of hope. 'Breathe.The stars will always be in your favour." I whispered to myself the same words she once had told me because she had always believed that stars were little divine beings. Somehow, she managed to convince me that they are and then I felt calmer.

Pulling my duffel bag and a jacket with me, I crept out of my house and my feet picked up speed as I left the gate; I was flying and felt my heart unfurl it's wings. The crevices of my lips curved into a smile when I felt all of the joy I thought I didn't have come back to me. Eventually, I glanced at my watch while the white walls of my house faded away far behind, blending with the cold night.
"Three minutes left." I whispered to myself.

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I knocked twice to no avail. I knocked again after a while and pressed my ear to her door when it opened outwards, pushing me away. She was chuckling as I rubbed the side of my face due to the impact. I failed at words when I saw her and the butterflies came alive in my stomach- her freckles looked like stars embedded into her soft skin and a streak of white light glowed across her left eye to her cheekbones, due to the translucent glass door. She was undoubtedly miscible with the dark; however, had the ability to stand out from the world around her with her radiant soul.

"Happy Bir-" I started out to avoid the emptiness between us but before I knew, I found myself being dragged up the stairs as if we didn't have a single moment to waste, not even to pause for a while to admire her discerning features. We were standing on the roof and the stars were more prominent. Numerous gaudy pillows and blankets were scattered across the wooden flooring and some were neatly stacked in a corner.

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She looked at my puzzled expression and explained, " We have two hours to build the best pillow fort of all time! Let's just get started."

My eyes went wide and excitement took over me. " How come you have so many pillows? And how old are we again? I don't feel 15 anymore." I smirked confidently whilst analysing the pillow fort plan she had drawn.

"It's a family secret and I'd like to assume that you are rather tempted to make this fort. Age defines nothing." She smirked back and I knew better than teasing her so I immediately got to work. Led Zeppelin's music wafted from the jukebox and the night turned darker and colder with time. This experience came to me with a sense of nostalgia and unfamiliarity alike since I couldn't remember the last time I had built something like this but being around her late into the night brought back childhood memories.

Soon we were marvelling at a lofty, 6 ft. tall pillow fort. The glint in her eyes and the smile lingering on her lips was priceless.

"We did it in just an hour and half!" she exclaimed and we high-fived in triumph.

I felt the urge to hold her hand for a little longer as we high-fived but quickly I swept the feeling away. We crawled inside cautiously and settled in the small space. We switched on a yellow lamp and faily lights and she peeped out of the makeshift window without dropping the smile. Happiness is contagious they say and I couldn't agree more. It's like I had forgotten what it felt like to be genuinely content and here I was right next to the girl I loved and nothing else mattered. Never could you feel unhappy around her.

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"Thank you," she said softly and met my eyes,"This might as well be my best birthday ever and I am very grateful for you are here to help my childhood dream come alive."
"Now that we have built this, I wish to built something permanent in the future." She mused," Something that would last for longer; something that is stronger than the raindrops that aren't afraid to fall."

I nodded, trying to put the pieces together. "It doesn't have to necessarily be a place- it could possibly be a bond." She beamed and I couldn't help but grin as well. We were caught in another universe and none of us kept the track of the time or even cared. In the dim light of the lamp and the moon, we laid next to each other in a comfortable silence with our hands almost touching; paradise couldn't possibly be better.

After munching on some sunflower seeds and berries, we started to talk and almost never stopped laughing until the fort shuddered. The sky was comparatively bluer and fear spread across her face. Instinctively, I pulled her towards me and the next moment, the pillow wall and the ceiling made of blankets collapsed. She held me tightly and her head rested in the crook of my neck. The butterflies came alive yet again as the space between us had died. My heart was in my mouth. The fort had collapsed .

Slowly, she pulled away with a matching blush on her face maybe due to the cold. I was afraid she would be really upset but she shrugged and we stared at each other for a moment. Both of us burst into laughter.

"This princess is certainly vexed due to the loss of her castle.This calls for a pillow fight!" She declared with a sheepish grin to complement her mood.

"The knight is born ready, your majesty." I spoke effortlessly and a war broke out, along with a fit of wholesome giggles. Peace was forgotten and we never complained.

-Pillow Forts
(an original short story)

I hope you enjoyed my fifth short story of the Series I am creating on We Heart It - <Journal Journeys> You can send me setting and plot ideas, suggestions and feed backs. Thank you readers and keep Hearting!

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