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What is your biggest fear?

The first is when something happens to me someday and I want to explain something I'm afraid that nobody will listen to me and I can't explain myself. That makes me afraid not to be understood not to be noticed. I used to experience that I wanted to explain something where I wasn't to blame but nobody noticed me or gave me the chance to explain myself. I think that shaped me and strengthened my fear.

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The second thing is that i was afraid that someone would ever leave me. No matter if it was my boyfriend my mom or my sister or my father or my friends. i am afraid of being left once when i was a kid, my mom brought my sister to school. I was lying in bed and slept when i woke up there was nobody at home. I couldn't get up from bed because i was afraid that someone else might be at home. I was crying so much. I was so afraid. Being alone makes me afraid. I am afraid to wake up alone again.

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I think we humans are mostly afraid of what we have experienced before. We are most afraid to relive the feelings we have experienced in that moment.

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