This is my first time writing an article and I hope you'll like it!

I'm quite a fan of upbeat songs that makes you pumped up and are great for parties, and those that are good in rainy seasons. I thought of sharing this to all of you so if ever you want to listen to music that could hype you up, this might help.

! photos ain't mine, songs ain't mine

1. Naomi Scott - Speechless

aesthetic, cherry, and fruit image aesthetic and sun image
don't be scared to talk and don't let them underestimate you

2. Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes

aesthetic, cool, and discover image aesthetic, glitter, and beach image
"ocean eyes donโ€™t have to be blue, ocean eyes are the ones you look into and just get lost in" - elise griffin

3. LSD - Genius ft. Sia, Diplo

diplo, genius, and Lyrics image diplo, mv, and labrinth image
only a genius could love a woman like she

4. The Chainsmokers - This Feeling

beach, feeling, and romantic image quotes, words, and feeling image
hold on to your opinions, stand by what you said

5. Loren Gray - Queen

aesthetic, alternative, and archive image dress, ballet, and aesthetic image
ladies need to be treated like a queen

6. Jacob Lee - Ghost

ghost, sad, and grunge image ghost, Halloween, and dark image
even a ghost needs a friend

7. Alec Benjamin - last of her kind

fashion, aesthetic, and city image mirror, gold, and aesthetic image
"don't cry because they're gone, smile because they'd want you to" - robin the catnine

8. Dabin - Bloom

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
let me stay with you

9. Sub Urban - Cradles

aesthetic, blue, and dark image Temporarily removed
might as well just rot around the nursery and count sheep

10. Unknown Brain - Superhero ft. Chris Linton

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
you are the strength, youโ€™re all I need

11. Alessia Cara - Scars to your beautiful

Abusive image flowers, cut, and skin image
let the world change, not you. you're beautiful just the way you are.

12. Linkin Park - In The End (Mellen Gi & Tommee Profitt Remix)

sad, quotes, and tears image Temporarily removed
you have to fall to lose it all

13. Neovaii - Your eyes

aesthetic, glitter, and tears image Image by Reem๐ŸŒป
your eyes, they lie

14. Spectrum - Lost my way ft. Alina Sona

colors, couple, and emma stone image aesthetic, alternative, and cool image
we were this close to another ending but too far from the start

15. Bahari - Savage

Temporarily removed Abusive image
be careful who you trust

16. Alec Benjamin - the wolf and the sheep

primary, aesthetic, and architecture image yellow, blue, and red image
think twice before you choose a decision

17. Alan Walker, K-391 & Emelie Hollow - Lily

dress, wedding, and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and princess image
curiosity really kills

18. Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Seรฑorita

pink, psd, and tumblr image pink, psd, and tumblr image
i wish i could pretend i didn't need you

19. TheFatRat - Fly Away feat. Anjulie

fairy image angel, wings, and grunge image
no matter how terrible life can get, it's always an option to just fly away

20. Prismo - Stronger

girl, photograph, and photography image aesthetic, broken, and feelings image
don't be too generous, or you'll lose it all

21. Rival - Walls ft. Bryan Finlay

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by jasei
will you save me or burn me down

22. Zedd, Elley Duhรฉ - Happy Now

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
in a foreign place, are you happy now

God bless! Be motivated always,uwuuuuu!