Guess what is today?!

BINGO….Its SUNDAY…which means its Holy SPA Day!!
After a long week of work and (when the university is back) studying I like to sit down and chill…saturdays are another subject cause I have to work on it sometimes…. but SUNDAYS’….Oh, Sunday.

I got to be honest with all of you, I choose to stay home and create my SPA day atmosphere. Why?
It's Simple…. I can look all weird with my bunny head cap, and my old PJs (so my new ones won’t get dirty haha) sipping my morning coffee while I'm pampering myself.

So…i thought of sharing with you my homey chill SPA day program, and some of my Fav. DIY face masks and scrubs….cause at the end of each week…I feel the exhaustion and tiredness conquering my face and mental health.

MOTO of this day: Me, myself and I...So let's dive into it!!!!

Prepare your Coffee

coffee, dreams, and motivation image

the morning (which I'm going to put the link here so if you guys feel like reading it :)))
I did mention in one of my old articles how much I loooooove coffee and its magical smell

While my coffee is being prepared, I get to plan my day….and which DIYs I gonna choose.

Set up the Mood

life and music image
Create your playlist!!

Mine is a mix of almost everything: Calming, relaxing but with a dash of oldies.
Since I'm a 90’s kid, i like to hear some Pop (ex: Madonna), rock (ex: Blink 182, Sum 44) and oldies cause they are Gold (ex: Whitney Houston, the beetles and maybe some beach boys to give it a kick) and of course a bunch more.

These songs should translate your mood into lovely melodies that make you feel young, confident and maybe just maybe you will start singing and dancing in front of the mirror while you have that face mask on….cause WHY NOT.

Face Scrub coming up!!

face, coffee, and face scrub image
I've been using this face scrub for years and to be honest it's amazing!!

I love making my face scrub, not only cause it's natural but also cause many drug store products to exhaust my skin, and some of them contain (sadly) gluten and I'm gluten intolerant, so I better watch out that.

Coffee is known for its remarkable benefits like, wrinkle reduction, acne treatment and it contains Vitamin B-3 which protects you from skin cancer.

The legendary “Burning” face mask

Cinnamon, face mask, and mask image
I can’t decide if my obsession with this mask is related to the cinnamon smell, or how my skin feels once I take it off.

Every time I apply this mask, I let it on for 1 hour (i know that they say 30 min but…i leave it for 1 hr).

it reduces uneven skin tones, scars, the appearance of wrinkles (my ultimate nightmare), and gives you that wonderful skin GLOW.
So yeah….that's why I love it

Hair mask

drawing, hair, and art image
I and my hair don’t have this smooth relationship since…I don’t even remember anymore. I was born with thin straight hair, and my poverty decided to have curly hair.

Gluten didn’t only destroy my hair but also made me lose half of it….it feels like I have 3 hairs on my head and they have some much volume that makes me wanna scream.

So…for today I chose olive oil and coconut oil. Both were suggested to me, and I thought to myself, why not use both?!
I left it for 1 hour too (while I had my face mask on), and then I washed it twice…to take off that oily sensation.

Its Bath time

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To many of you, maybe taking a shower is better but personally, a bath is more inviting.

Lighting some scented candles, a dreamy bubble bath and a session from headspace (meditational modus ON).

Lately, I'm in love with #treaclemoon bath products.
They heaven, and they leave your skin all soft and like butter.
Go check out their Website:

Healthy nails

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I usually try to leave my nails for a couple of days polish free...cause they do need to breathe and be naked too.

I take off the nail polish before jumping in the bath/shower, I don't like that after sensation that acetone leaves on my nails.

I like to treat my nails with some warm olive oil with some drops of lemon juice. It strengthens your nails and let them grow fast.
If you like applying this serum on your nails with a cotton pad or tank your fingers in this serum... it's totally up to you.

Feel revived

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Apply your skincare lotions, wear your fluffy clean Pj and lay your back on the sofa.
Prepare yourself a delightful tea and choose a funny movie to watch with your hubby, he deserves to enjoy that lovely smell that you worked on the whole day.
Now it's your turn to try the holy spa day...and ill be glad if you share with me some of your creative DIYs. We learn something new everyday!!!

Have a lovely relaxing Sunday

MmBreeze <3