hi guys! school begins next week for me and I'm so excited about it, so I thought this tag would be fun to do! I believe the original creator of this tag is @zoracassia so make sure to read their article as well! (the original article will be below.)

What grade are you going into?
‣ I will be starting my first year of college!

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What are you excited/nervous about for this year?
‣ There are so many new opportunities! I am excited to move out, start classes, go to games, get involved, and meet new people.
Though I am definitely excited for all that college has to offer, I am still nervous about keeping up with schoolwork and grades while also giving myself time to chill out and have fun.

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What is your favorite part of getting ready for back to school?
‣ Getting ready for college has been very different than getting ready for a year of high school. Decorating my dorm and buying clothes that would have been against my high school's dress code has been a really fun experience, and it all feels very new, which I love.

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What grade were you in when you first started wearing makeup?
‣ 7th; I would use bb cream, powder, nude shadows, liner, and mascara. I had no idea what I was doing, so I would follow the picture instructions on the back of the products.

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Where do you get your inspiration from?
‣ Everywhere!!! Music is probably my biggest source of inspiration, but I also find a lot of inspiration through seeing others art, photography, makeup, etc. Many times, ideas will just pop in my head as well. Though those are my main sources of inspiration, I really do draw inspiration from everything.

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What subjects did you choose?
‣ Literary Heritage Honors, Foundations of Mathematics, Cultural Anthropology, Spanish, and Intro to Student Development

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What are three beauty essentials you have to carry in your bag?
‣ chapstick, deoderant, and mascara

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What is your go-to makeup look for this year?
‣ My favorite everyday look this year has been a simple bronze look. Before my face, I brush my brows out with a brow gel and carve them with concealer. Then, I do a simple base- foundation, concealer, powder. I add bronzer, a peachy blush, and a soft highlight with mascara and liner (sometimes) on top. For the eyes, I will use the same bronzer and highlight that I used on my face- bronzer in the crease, and highlighter on the lid. I finish with lips, which may be a cute, neutral-toned nude lip or I may just throw on some chapstick and let my natural lip color show.

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That's the end of the tag! Thank you for reading. ♡

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