worst: playing with fire

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This song is not bad at all! It's just out of all the Blackpink songs I listen to this one the least. It's still a good song though.

best: ddu du ddu du

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Their catchiest song in my opinion. It never gets old to me, I could listen to it over and over again. Such a good era for the girls.


worst: favorite

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Once again a GREAT song I just don't listen to it very often.

best: butterfly

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I don't think any other song Loona puts out will top my love for Butterfly. To this day one of my favorite songs of all time.


worst: bdz

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A good song just not my favorite by them.

best: dance the night away

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This song was my favorite summer bop when it came out! Always on repeat over and over. This song ultimatley made me ult twice.


worst: piri

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This is a great song but after I listened to it a couple of times I just grew bored of it not gonna lie. I haven't listened to it in the past 6 months.

best: fly high

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Such an underrated and amazing song.