Hey babes! <3 Recently I've been feeling like listening to chill music while I work or do my stuff, so what a better thing to do than sharing a few of them with you guys.

English Songs

  • Lovesick Boys - Conan Gray
  • La Vie en Rose - Chloe Moriondo (check her out, her covers are awesome!)
  • A Song About Being Sad - Rex Orange County
  • Birds - Thomas Sanders ft. Dodie
  • Dear Happy - Dodie ft. Thomas Sanders
  • Paracetamol - Declan McKenna
  • Peach Pit - Peach Pit
  • Lost in Japan - Shawn Mendes
  • Lowlife - That Poppy
  • My My My! (Acoustic) - Troye Sivan
  • White Iverson - Post Malone
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Spanish Songs

  • Tuyo Mia - Danny Ocean
  • No Se Nadar - Bely Basarte ft. Arnau Griso
  • Chachachá - Jósean Log
  • Sábanas Tibias - Jósean Log
  • Es Gratis (Acústico) - Arnau Griso
  • La Mujer Perfecta - KURT
  • Mujer Eléctrica - Simon Grossmann
  • Agüitaecoco - Simon Grossmann
  • Sin Dormir - Rawayana
  • Vocabulario Básico - Rawayana
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Hope you like them, they're just a few of them. I tried selecting the best ones for you all ;) Remember to like, react and follow ily!