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Day 8: Do you believe in love at first sight?

So LOVE, That wonderful emotion that eats you alive until your only functioning thing left in your body makes you take decisions only taking your feelings into account. It is the wonderful emotion that stops you from thinking rationally. The one that makes you go depth and absolutely blind. But it is just so beautiful that 90% of songs around the world are about this emotion.

Honestly I think I left very clear that loves scares the actual shit out of me and I a try to keep that hoe away if it's not friends/family related wise.

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Let me laugh real quick for a second. Okay thanks.
Um, I am sorry but I just call BS on this one. I do not believe in love at first sight at all. It just doesn't make any sense! That is craaap. But obviously I do have a reason like I am just not gonna disagree on something without a logical reasoning behind it.

I think that when you love someone, like really love them, is because in a way there is a bond or connection with the other person. When you fall in love with someone is because you know them. You know them in a personal level and even an emotional one. You can't just fall in love with a person that you just saw walking down the street, or that you just met. That shit doesn't make sense.

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Can you feel attraction at first sight? Absolutely, every day if you may. Can you want someone at first sight? Sure, it works like that in nightstands. But, can you love someone at first sight? Bitch, no.

Well I guess that's it!
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