There's this girl I know. She grew up in a single-parent household, struggling with school, money, and depression. She went through high school alone, sad, and hopeless, but she put in everything she had. She gave it her everything. All her energy and time, and graduated, even made some friends along the way. She then got accepted at her second choice college, which she went to. She started, met some cool people, a lot of temporary people, but nice people. She decided to continue her studies, but she needed better grades to change programs. She, once again, put everything she had towards her studies. She studied when other people slept, she studied when other people went out and partied. She got accepted for her first choice, now pursuing a double major. She started her new program and studied more than anyone she met, but it was worth it, because, once again she made it. Without anyone's help. On her own. She graduated, took some time off and then found a job in her field. She started and realized she loved what she was doing. She was passionate about it. Once again, she worked harder than everyone she knew. Worked when people slept, partied, or dated. All her life she had been working on herself, her career, her life. This was not about to change. A few years along the way, she got a few promotions. And when the company needed a new CEO, she got the position. She is now one of the most successful women in the city, even in the country. She has made some important changes and helped the world. But, I mostly hope she helped get you motivated. Because "she" is you, and me, and anyone in this world. Because, yes maybe this party seems more important than writing your essay, but if you stay in and focus on yourself for these next few years, your future CEO successful self will thank you. Because it is true, HARD WORK PAYS OFF. So get out there, work hard and have a successful life. There is no such thing as luck. You make your luck by working hard. So find what it is you're passionate about and give it your everything.

xox, Maria