Day 5: Meme 🤡

Welcome to my exhibition, follow me meme lords.

🌙 Section I:

"sup, wAnNa FiGhT?" by Im Jaebum.

JB, kpop, and got7 image JB, meme, and got7 image got7, JB, and jaebum image got7 and jaebum image
got7, kpop, and meme image
Hope you enjoyed this aggressive section
meme, kpop meme, and im jaebum image

Section II:

Fangirl by Kim Taeyeon.

exo, snsd, and taeyeon image snsd, taeyeon, and taeny image
OhmygodOHMYGODOhmYgOd *keysmashing sounds*
snsd, taeyeon, and kpop image
O a new visitor
funny, meme, and snsd image
bYe beach.

🌟 Section III:

The art of mood swings by Kim Wonshik.

kpop meme, kpop reaction, and vixx meme image kpop, meme, and ravi image vixx image kpop, meme, and ravi image
kpop image
Bless you, visitor, and remember! God is always the answer.

🌅 Section IV:

Crisis by Lee Gikwang.

highlight, meme, and reaction image beast, highlight, and kpop image
highlight, gikwang, and kpop meme image
beast, gif, and highlight image
Who tf are y'all

🌌 Section V:

hoes mad by Choi San.

kpop, meme, and memes image kpop, meme, and san image san, choi san, and ateez image san, soft, and lq image
Image removed
Man being handsome isn't easy

☀️ Section VI:

#donewithlyfe by Yoo Taeyang.

taeyang, sf9, and kpop image kpop, meme, and taeyang image kpop, meme, and reaction image meme and reaction image
funny, kpop, and meme image
[sad background music]

Section VII:

"btch said what" by Kim Jonghyun

JR, kpop, and leader image JR, kpop, and leader image Jonghyun, JR, and nuest image JR, kpop, and meme image
gif, Jonghyun, and JR image
Y'all nasty.

🔥 Section VIII:

Love is the moment by Park Junhee.

ace, jun, and kpop image jun and a.c.e image
ace, hearts, and jun image
no sir you may not leave this section without your share of my love.

Section IX:

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Chris Bang.

funny, kids, and korean image Chan, kpop, and memes image
meme, bangchan, and stray kids image
[nervous laughs]

🎆 Section X:

"right in front of my salad" by Shin Wonho.

wonho, monsta x, and kpop image funny, idol, and kpop image funny, idol, and kpop image kpop, meme, and wonho image
funny, idol, and kpop image
Btch you had the aUdAciTy

Funny how wonho is section X

Anyways, hope y'all enjoyed your lil trip now drop every meme you've stolen on the way. I've seen y'all:) [insert Chris' meme section]

🌟 If this ever inspires you to take on the challenge please tag me i'd love to see it♡ and remember to always have fun!


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