Summer is pretty awesome, and I know I'm gonna miss summer break. But, It's time for back to school and there are lots of reasons I'm excited! (and you should be too lol)

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✎ Seeing my friends every day

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couldn't live without em

✎ Having a scheduled daily routine

friends and friendship image
bec i'm a mess

✎ I usually eat healthier so i feel better

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i only eat microwave taquitos in the summer so i've gained like five pounds yikes-

✎ Driving to school

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idk driving in the morning is just satisfying

✎ New school supplies

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i'll only be organized for like the first week but it's rlly fine

✎ Elective classes

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ceramics and chorus are my jam

✎ Fall weather

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something about fall is so nostalgic to me. and then i want to cry but in a good way just AGH i miss fall

✎ Fall clothes

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✎ Snow

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it's just so pretty and it smells so snowy and i hope global warming allows some snow this year

✎ Winter holidays

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Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, etc.

✎ Sports and clubs

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i do crew so that's why there's a boat

There are also lots of other fun things that will surprise us during the year! New friendships, opportunities, relationships, milestones, memories, etc. I hope all of you have a great school year, thanks for reading!

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