Hey Y'all!
Today I'm gonna do the If I Were... [TAG]
I saw it today so I decided to do it too, just for let you know me better.

I got inspired by @agathavlachos

Here's the original article.
1. If I were a color...
flowers, rose, and pink image aesthetic, drink, and theme image
...I would be pastel pink. It's so soft and aesthetic.
2. If I were an animal...
cat, animal, and wallpaper image cat, animal, and cute image
...I would be obviously a cat. Cute and elegant.
3. If I were an element...
autumn, fireplace, and cozy image Temporarily removed
...I would be the fire element. Quiet but dangerous.
4. If I were a season...
book, coffee, and study image autumn, fall, and leaves image
...I would be the autumn. The beginning of the season cycle, relaxing and neither too cold nor too hot.
5. If I were a city...
louis vitton, milan, and people image beautiful, cathedral, and europe image
...I would be Milan.
6. If I were a facial feature...
make up image makeup, eyes, and beauty image
...I would be the eyes.
7. If I were a body part...
aesthetic, boys, and chest image aesthetic, blond, and body image
...I would be the clavicle.
8. If I were a day...
Image removed girl, friends, and friendship image
...I would be Saturday because you can choose to relax or have fun.
9. If I were a drink...
coffee, food, and drink image Image by .
...I would be the coffee just because I'm addicted to it lol.
10. If I were a weather...
Image removed book, rain, and coffee image
...I would be the rain.
11. If I were a superpower...
black and white, quotes, and read image crush, mind, and quotes image
...I would be the mind reading. I've always dreamed of knowing what people were thinking.
12. If I were a feeling...
monster, anime, and demon image aesthetic, art, and dark image
...I would be the fear because without it we wouldn't be able to recognize the dangers so it's like a "must have" for our survival.
13. If I were a song...
ariana grande image Image removed
...I would be 7 Rings by Ariana Grande just because it's my favorite song ever.
14. If I were a Greek God...
party, drink, and alcohol image wine, red, and aesthetic image
...I would be Dionisio. God of wine, feasts, madness, chaos, drunkenness, drugs and ecstasy.

That's all. I hope you enjoyed it!

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