Hello! I'm a morning bird, but I know some of you might not be. Here are couple of things you can do to make your morning better. Enjoy :))))

  • Drinking 2 cups of cold water. This can rejuvenate your body from the long hours of sleep. Staying hydrated is the key.
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  • Stretching. Stretch those lovely limbs to increase your blood flow and relieve strained muscles and cramped areas.
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  • Saying morning affirmations and meditating. Say you are grateful for this new day. This will lead your mind into positivity and have you start off the day with a good attitude.
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  • Morning jogging, yoga. Get your body moving! After all, during dreams, our bodies are paralyzed.
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  • Eating a filling, nutritional breakfast. It is with a heavy heart when I say doughnuts donโ€™t count. ๐Ÿ™
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  • Listening to music. This gets you pumped up and lifts your mood automatically. It really gets you going.
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  • Not worrying about emails, work, stress, or texts (Unless if itโ€™s from your bf/gf who is out of city. Then you can text away! I never stop love.) right after you wake up.
  • Taking a warm (maybe cold) shower to take the sleepiness out of you.
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  • Drinking sweet, sweet coffee. Remember to hydrate first. Coffee dehydrates you.
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  • Spending time with family, friends, or significant others.
  • Watching cartoons. You heard me. We might be old, but who cares? Memory lane is a great way to put a smile on our face. And watching old cartoons that we used to watch when we were younger like Curious George, Arthur, Wild Krats, Spongebob, Tom and Jerry, etc, will do its magic.
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  • Making breakfast for someone else. Doing things for others makes our heart bigger and happier. Aw, I just imagined an animated heart with big cute eyes. That, that would be your heart when you make pancakes for someone you love.
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  • Looking out at the blue sky (or gray if itโ€™s raining at your place) and just watching it, taking deep breaths. If there are chirping birds, even better!
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There are many more things that you can do in the morning. Like making a list of things to do in the morning hehe. This post was fun to make, and Iโ€™m happy to write things for you guys when I wake up. I hope you all enjoyed!