Day Four: Make A List of Five Place You Want To Visit


A few years ago my family and I started watching the show Vikings and I instantly fell in love with the setting. Norway has captivated my wanderlust for years now. The mountains, fjords, wildlife, and history is something I would love to see first hand. As a history nerd and slightly Scandinavian (mix of Danish and Norwegian) I feel as if I have to go and experience this unbelievably beautiful country. If I could have the perfect trip to Norway I would start in Oslo and take trains all the up and back down again. I've decided that if I go to Norway I'm going to see every bit possible.

nature, norway, and rainbow image

Great Britain & Ireland

The mountains. The history. The everything. If I were to go to Great Britain and Ireland I would want to hit up every major city in each country before exploring the country side.

castle, monument, and irlande image

Cusco, Peru

Peru is such a beautiful country with so many things to offer. Cusco has such a rich history with the Incas and the Spanish after they colonized it. I think I could spend weeks here just exploring the ruins and beautiful architecture.

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New Mexico

I've always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride in Albuquerque. The mountains and desert landscape give off an odd sense of peace. I love Arizona and its scenery, so I would love to explore its neighbor New Mexico.

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Well, I mean just look at it. I'm a sucker for beaches and hot sun. The water in Bali looks almost fake and if I could have a chance to escape the world I would come here.

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Again, thank you for reading.