Hii! I did one of these about 2 months ago(I'm guessing) and I found it really fun. So, I'm doing another one.

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muah_muah_puppy✔ about to shoot 😘

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daniellaperkins white shirt looking like you could be at the Met Gala
muah_muah_puppy @daniellaperkins aawww, see who's talking 🙈

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muah_muah_puppy✔ Happy Bday, Maddie! Love you! Hope this year would be better than the last. Just know that I'm really grateful that you even know me, much less being such a close friend of yours! P.S. You're welcome for the surprise party🙊👩‍❤️‍👩

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maddie whaatttttt thanks soo much babe ❤️❤️ sooo glad for such a good friend like yourself! luv u 🙏🏾

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muah_muah_puppy thanks soooo much to Vogue for this awesome photoshoot!! Loved it sooo much! Got to meet such wonderful and empowering women and I don't think I can imagine life without them now lol ❤️

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melanin.divas soo amazing to see young black women coming together to create such a beautiful masterpiece!
fashmiine yessssssssssss my people

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muah_muah_puppy living the healthy life 🍉

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phoebejtonkin I'm scared for those sheets tho 😳


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