How fast can this pregnancy really go??? Baby will be here soon and I have reached my due date. So now it is time to recap the last weeks (28-39) of my pregnancy.

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Weeks 28-30

At the very beginning of third trimester I started to have Symphysis pubis dysfunction. At first it was small pain and easily tolerable, but it went worse as I got closer to my due date.

Lovely thing was that at 30 weeks I got my surprise baby shower party. It was so nice to spend an evening with my closest friends. We had many lovely snacks, some games (like guessing the baby's birthday and name) but mostly we were just chilling and chatting with each other. We all did get a manicure though. It was such a nice surprise and I am so grateful for my sister who organized everything.

We also had a birthing class and a midwifes appointment in the end of week 30. They were great but didn't really provide much information. I learned though that baby was finally head down. Last time we checked he was in breech position, so that was great news.

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Weeks 31-34

During these weeks my belly began to grow fast. Each week it got bigger. I also started to gain weight finally, after not really gaining any during first and second trimester.

Pain in my symphysis and overall pelvic area was bad, so I couldn't work as a nurse anymore. Luckily I had a chance to stay at home until my maternity leave started.

Other pregnancy symptoms were tiredness and need to pee all the time. I also was more emotional than usual and thinking of the baby made me cry.

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Weeks 35-36

My maternity leave started officially at 35 weeks. And finally I started to put everything ready for the baby. I washed his clothes and made sure we had everything ready for his nursery.

At 35 weeks I had my doctors appointment. Our baby was still head down (yey), my belly had grown like it should and baby seemed fine. My cervix was normal aka not dilated or effaced at all. And the doctor said I should be able to give birth vaginally. Unfortunately I couldn't get babys estimated weight, so that will be a surprise once I give birth.

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Weeks 37-39

At 37 weeks I had my pregnancy photoshoot and the pictures came out gorgeous. I had them taken outdoors with my bf. It is nice to have pictures as a memory for later.

Symphysis pubic pain was terrible. It was ok during the day when I was walking and sitting, but during nights it kept me awake. Especially when I had to lay on my side. I tried using a pillow between my knees and taking paracetamol, but neither of those took the pain completely away.

Other symptoms were constant hunger, tiredness and digestive problems. Mentally I started to be tired as well and was anxiously and impatiently waiting for labor to start.

At 39 weeks I started having braxton hicks contractions. They were irregular and not painful, but I could still feel tightening of my tummy clearly. I also lost a small part of my mucus plug but other than that I didn't have any signs of labor.

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Now I have officially passed my due date and hopefully I will give birth soon. If not, I will have an induction scheduled for the end of the week 41. That means I still could have two more weeks to go. Excited to see how things will progress.

Thanks for reading! :)