Day One in Paris . My time in Paris written as a little story. Enjoy reading :).

Finally after six hours of being on the train from home , I arrived in Paris . The first thing someone said to me was "bonjour", a stranger who smiled at me riding his E-scooter on the street , while I was trying to find the hotel with my big luggage kind of lost between the big , old, beautiful houses . I directly felt welcomed in the city. While looking up the street I saw the beautiful Sacré-Cœur church , which was shining in all her magnificence. It was also my first holiday alone without my family, just me and my best friend in the city of love without the love. I met my friend in the hotel, she was there a few days already with other friends of her. After we organized our hotel room and getting a bigger room , because you couldn´t move around in the first one . Stepping outside the building we decided to take a walk and ended up in the Gallery Lafayette , which was just a dream . We were standing inside , looking around and up to the beautiful ceiling and it felt like 1. a princess fairytale and 2. just like shopping heaven, which was perfect, because you can call me a little shopaholic. Of course we weren't the only one there , actually there were thousands of people who tried to get the best clothes and to be the quickest . When you listened you could hear all of the different beautiful languages which walked past us. After I think two hours of looking at every single thing, we walked to the first ever Chanel store in Deauville with the famous steps , where Coco Chanel always sat during her fashion shows. Opening the big doors or getting opened the big doors by door man, going inside the store you recognize all of the staff there who smiles at you and welcomes you friendly of course. Every piece there was prettier but also more expensive than the other. But I knew I wanted to buy something , and I had it in my head before, a classy red lipstick , still expensive but just a dream for someone like me , who loves every kind of lip product. But I did not buy it at this day , I just had it in the back of my head when we left the store and I knew I will come back in the next days and buy it. Finally back in the hotel we both jumped in the bed , eyes half closed , exhausted of walking so much , but also happy because we already saw some beautiful places like the big Opera Garnier , which was breathtaking with its gold details and the massive building. When we awoke with some new energy we went to have a sundowner in a small place with a lot of little bars where all the Parisian people and us as the only tourists sat. After one glas of wine and listening to the street sounds and all the people talking we went ,great full to finally eat , to the restaurant „pink flamingo“ with the friends of my best friend with who she was there before in an apartment and had a perfect night but also chaotic as you will read now. We wanted to go to a bar/club afterwards which wasn´t even that far away with the train , but of course at this day the Tour de France final was , so the Champs-Élysées train station was closed, so we left the the train one station after it. First thing I saw was the Eiffel tower , having a shining duel with the stars , about who is brighter. My motivation was going down every minute we walked , after the boys decided not to listen to the police man , who told us how to get the quickest to the bar , as every street was shut down and you could not pass anything . because we walked one hour as the boys knew it of course better than someone who works there and knows everything about the city. I would go to the club/bar „Matignon“ if you are ready to spend some money for alcohol. Too expensive for me but I thought why not one drink, you are in Paris! The staff there was so nice and happy and open. The evening end was that we fell tired in our bed after a night , which turned out really nice with getting to know new people. And also , I nearly forgot , I had a little movie moment with a very elegant and tall pretty boy , who I saw for two minutes walking by , we both turned our heads probably 4 times and looked evertime each other in the eye , but sadly that´s it , no paris prince or romantic story.

That´s what happened in my first day in Paris . It was more chill but i hope you enjoyed reading it. if you want more parts about the other days give a heart. It´s my first story I write , so please be gentle :)