About what are you thinking right now? What is your head busy with?
What are you worried about so much that it doesn't give you a calm breathing and sensible thinking? What burns you inside? What thought is killing you? When it started? Can you answer to this simple questions? Yes? Nice but I can't do this. I don't know which thought is killing me . I know– nothing. I am just I..don't... know how I feel. I can't explain what I feel or can I feel something? I can't find answer. Who I am?
I am one of the stupid teenagers which is worrying about everything in this fucking life. This teenager loves to control his/her own life but it destroy he/she. They want to solve their problems on their own but they can't and after they give up. They fall down on the knees to get up with new forces and continue to fight but if it's was so easy to fall and after stand up I think it wasn't too much suicide in the world. No matter how are you strong this world will always fight with you. In the end you will see the winner of the war. The war won't stop until you become a broken piece in the earth like others...


–Are you scared of something?

– Yes of course like all of us.l

– What are you afraid of?

– I am scared of everything

– Sometimes I am am afraid to breathe, to speak, to think, to move, to live but the biggest fear is humans

– People??? Why?

– They can change you

–Can you explain?

– I will try. But I am not sure that you will understand me

– I will try to understand you


–Calm down everything is ok. Right?

– Why people are so predictable?

– Hm... What do you mean??

– Oh never mind you didn't hear anything. Ok?

– Are you alright?

– Yes I am ok as always

The person left the room. He/she is sitting alone in the empty room. He/she is starting to laughing like insane. If someone heard it that person will think that he/she is out of his/her mind and he/she will be absolutely right. The person which is still laughing starting to laugh quieter and quieter.