People try to be emotionless these days and it kind of sickens me in a way. No person is completely drained enough to that point and the “I don’t give a fuck attitude” is overdone and getting rather boring, there is always someone or something that will trigger something in your heart, your soul and your being. Tragedy is possible and loss is inevitable: so love the people you love, with all of your heart and remind them that you do. Live and take those risks that make your heart race just thinking about it, Do what you have always wanted to do. Set goals and never stop growing. Our days are limited and no one knows when the sand of life will run out. Live life to the fullest and be thankful everyday that your life has one more day of experience, one more day of laughter or pain or whatever it is you’re going through. Life is beautiful is many ways. You just need to experience it.

emotion, girl, and grunge image

There are some nights. Some long and tiring nights. Some nights full of sadness and sorrows. Some nights with pain , with tragedy, with chaos. With every mistake you’ve ever made. With every person you’ve ever hurt.
But this nights are only yours. You want to be alone and you are all alone.
And only night knows what you really feel.

Image by salie