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you know what i see... everyday...

the little mermaid with brown hair

it was an autumn dusk night and the leaves were falling beside me in the freezing water. we were so alone that the waves were trying to hug us, and I felt so special, like from another planet, when your arms taught me that in the blue of the ocean no one is allowed to be helpless. "how long will it take her to tell me we can get out of the water?" I thought as I froze from head to toe, but it was okay. it was and would always be okay, because you smiled brightly at me and told me that the strands of your sweatshirt were soaked and we laughed so hard that automatic heat waves passed through my body.

so we swam for another half hour, until the only soaked one was me.

don't even think of calling me a pervert.

I'm drenched in your love.

I'm still drenched while the wind is hitting our faces because you don't want to leave yet; as one of your many wishes, you want to see the moon touch the end of the sea over my car. and I wonder, but I can't imagine it happening without your "blueberry heaven" ice cream in your hands and my hot drink in mine. just so that you can come fast to me like a comet tearing through the dull night that I am. here I am, with my arms outstretched, ready to hug you and play touching our fingertips in the clouds and hear you say "get off me, baby. your chin hurts my head!" for the second time. you know I won't, so you shut your beautiful lips and eat your ice cream.

the moon has touched the sea and now you touch your stuffed animal. we got him for almost nothing in the park but you hold him as I hold my books - those “over half a million years old” books.

"they are not that old." I say.

"don't apologize for liking old things." you say. "I like it too. I'm with you, aren't I?"

I don't have the strength to challenge the universe between us and disagree with you cause reminding you that we are the same age sounds useless, so I let you, as always, come to me. your kiss falls like a star on the sky of my mouth, and you fall asleep like a true sleeping beauty.

talking in your sleep...

it's just a nightmare, I'd say, but you told me you were swimming, discovering the pacific ocean. I bet it's a beautiful dream since you always had a great vision of things. I tell you to meet me on the other side of Atlantis, imagining it would be there somewhow, and you tell me that in Atlantis there are no white roses – the ones I like – so it wouldn't be fun for me.

you are right. but you are there, so I try to go quickly, stumbling on my feet.

I don't like to make myself wait for so, so long to hold your hands and feel the metallic gray of your dark blue jeweled mermaid-tailed ring, and I know you'd fly to me to see if i'm wearing the flag-striped pants that represent our love.

and I'll tell you "you know it's just a pajama." and you will answer me "since when do we care? put on your pants!"

but for now, sleep, little mermaid. I'll be waiting for you as I waited for all the falls until this one. I'll be waiting because I need you, baby, now and forever. and for me to be able to hold on you for so long you need to be rested, and we both know that you lose a lot of energy spending hours doing a makeup that will come out when I push you into the pool and, later then, join you, letting my sunglasses float towards the moon.

I bet you remember when we did this on my birthday, don't you? It was the day you stole my black shirt and I stole your jeans jacket and we dozed off only when it was four in the morning.

I'm still afraid of getting sunburned again. I just didn't cry because it was you putting the cream on my back - just as it is these days and will be later.

I know that when we sleep we are unconscious, but what science can explain how you felt it has started to rain now? your hand held tight to mine because I like when it rains and I can hear the raindrops but you hate it because you're afraid of thunders. "It won't thunder," I say, and you grumble. "but I want you to protect me." when wouldn't I?

I try, I tried and I always will. I hope it never thunders.

I like to hold your hand, my little blue girl.

I'm not ready to lose you.

I put tori kelly to play and that thought seems dark and far away like some shadow in the night until it thunders and I'm scared because you let go of my hand to jump from the car seat. we looked at eatch other. you laugh at me and at the picture of our kitty glued like a sticker on the car stereo, kiss me on the cheek and hug my arm.

"your blue angel is here." you guarantee me. "and we need more water."

"there's not enough water in the world for you, is it?"

"as wide as the universe, do you really think I'll stop wanting? besides, it's not for me. your lips are dehydrating. It's time to explore the benefits of water again."

how did you, daughter of the seas, end up with someone who doesn't even like to drink water?

"and we need more lollipops!"

"blueberry flavor?"

"I love you."