If you didn't saw euphoria yet, you are missing something.
i can tell you that i saw many shows ( 24/7 on netflix) and i can say that euphoria is the best i saw.

so if you did not watch it. GO DO IT RIGHT NOW
if you did watch it message me so we can fangirl together

my character

Name: Leah
Birthday: may 30th 2002
Zodiac sign: Gemini
age: 17


goals, legendary, and motivation image done, WITH, and eye roll image lové, bed, and funny image chat, funny, and quote image funny, good morning, and green image funny, iphone text, and jave harondale image
she's outgoing, funny, takes life as a joke, wants to have fun, does not believe in love


girl, pool, and summer image girls and melanin image girls, singers, and teen image diamond white, braids, and fashion image
hair styles always different, brown skin, light brown eyes


fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, dress, and outfit image pink, outfit, and style image autumn, gold, and jewellery image
she likes so show off her body and is very confident with the clothes she wears


black, girl, and hair image art, black, and girl image pink, makeup, and aesthetic image Image removed
makeup is something that she loves to do, it's art on her face but she also likes to keep it natural

love interest

Mature image euphoria, fez, and fezco image euphoria, fez, and euphoria hbo image euphoria and fez image
fez is a drug dealer they get along at parties and is good friends with rue that's also friends with leah. she doesn't believe in love but she has a eye for fez. when she goes to parties she dances with every guy and sees him looking out for her.


euphoria, barbie ferreira, and kat hernandez image euphoria, zendaya, and sydney sweeney image euphoria and sydney sweeney image Temporarily removed
she's cool with everyone but if she really have to choose it will be kat

Thankyou for reading and taking the time. I hope you liked it. if you saw euphoria and you can't wait like me for a another season. I'm wroking on a fanfic on wattpad so follow me if you want to read leah's story in euphoria: butterflyeffect001