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Una playlist de Taylor que es única demostrando las emisiones de una persona, la sinceridad en sus letras y sus melodías son adictivas. Esperando por Lover ♥ (edit: amé Lover, precioso álbum)
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Holy Ground
I wish you would
Dear John
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Wildest dreams
This love
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State of grace
The archer
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Blank space
I did something bad
I almost do
Forever and always
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Bad Blood
...Ready for ir?
Sad beautiful tragic
New romantics
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So it goes…
You need to calm down
Look what you make me do
The Lucky one
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This is why we can't have nice things
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Story of us
All too well
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Out of the woods
White horse
Long live
Tim McGraw
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Sparks fly
We are never ever getting back together
I’m only me when I’m with you
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Stay stay stay
How you get the girl
Everything has changed
New year’s day
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Teardrops on my guitar
You belong to me
Tied together with a smile
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All you had to do is stay
A perfectly good heart
Begin Again
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Picture to burn
Love story
Never grow up
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La playlist https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDGuCvw6hIWPrxcDw5ejzXOGiHg_uT55Y

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