Hey guys ! So every year before back to school I like to do some things to organize myself to go back school.

1. Clean or redecorate my room

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I like to move my furniture to give the room a new look

2. Clean my desk

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I will pass the rest of the year in my desk so I like to clean her and organised everything

3. Donate clothes

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I like to choose my clothes and donate the clothes that I don´t use anymore

4. Spa day

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I like to treat my hair, skin and nails for the return to school since in the second week I will already be a trash

5. Finish my books

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I like read and in the summer I read a lot this summer I read 4 books ( for me this very much because every book have more than 300 pages and the summer is 3 mouths )

6. Finish my tv shows

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I try to finish all the Tv shows that I started in the whole year ( to start watching new tv shows lol )

7. Buy new school supplies

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The best part of back to shool is buying new school supplies , I buy my school supplies like one week before school start