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I am honestly so sad that school starts soon, but on the other hand, I try to see it as new opportunities, new friends, new choices, so I want to start school with the best attitude! and I think you should too:)

these are just some advices that will make you feel/look better, hope you like it and that it helps you:)

Kick the negativity out of your life.

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This is the best advice I can give you, and a thing you need to do in order to make a good change in your life, don´t deal with negative/toxic people anymore! it drains your energy and impacts your health more than you can imagine.

Take care of your skin

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Wash your face every morning and night thoroughly, don´t ever go to sleep with makeup on, buy a nice hydrating cream for the everyday use, apply a face mask 2-3 times a week, and don´t forget to use sunscreen. If you can, go see a professional dermatologist.

Start eating healthier/drink water.

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eat more fruits and vegetables, don´t skip any meal, and try to carry healthy snacks with you.

Change your look

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for this, you can play around with makeup a little, to try different styles. You can also get a haircut, or just try new hairstyles.

Get nice supplies

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this isn´t that important, but it makes me happy and it motivates me to take better notes and it also makes studying entertaining and pleasing.

That´s it for this article guys, hope you like it and tysm for reading! I hope you have an amazing year at school!

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