Summer is all about everything; enjoy, make memories, rest and pleasure. In these weeks that fly by, you also have to make choices.

One-piece or bikini

kylie jenner image selena gomez, beach, and summer image chantel jeffries, girl, and beauty image Image removed

Watermelon or strawberry

strawberry, fruit, and food image Temporarily removed strawberry, fruit, and food image Temporarily removed

Car trip or take a walk

beach, best friends, and girl image friends, car, and travel image Mature image girl, beach, and sea image

Movie inside or movie outside.

couple, grunge, and car image auto, black, and car image quotes, song, and grunge image quotes, free, and movie image

Pool or sea

summer and pool image amazing, environment, and mother nature image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Sunset or sunrise

colorfull, Hot, and netherland image colors, morning, and pictures image sunset, bedroom, and room image bed, boy, and couple image

Chill or party

Temporarily removed Mature image girl, party, and friends image fashion, style, and model image

Starbucks or cola

drink, pictures, and starbucks image drink, green tea, and pictures image red, neon, and coca cola image red, coca cola, and drink image

Sunflowers or roses

flowers, sky, and summer image friends, bff, and best friends image flower, pictures, and rose image Temporarily removed

Dress or skirt

Image removed aesthetic, dress, and fashion image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image

Swimming or tanning

Image removed nature, aesthetic, and green image black, body, and brunette image american, beautiful, and beige image

Sunglasses or hats

shay mitchell, rose, and pretty little liars image dior, sunglasses, and glasses image bikinis, girly, and hats image hats, photography, and sea image

-Andjeli. R