Hey Dad!

Now it´s been a while since we didn´t talk
Or did we ever talk?
Oh I don´t know, Oh I don´t know
Can you say that you love me?
Can you say that you want me?
I never hear anything from you
You never say that you were proud of me
You never say, I love you babe
Oh dad
I miss you
Please be my old dad
We were so happy
But it´s over
I didn´t remember that you ever hug me
Oh dear dad help me
Im in Trouble now
But you not there
You were never there
When I needed you!
Oh dear dad
Where are you?
I didn´t understand you
You were never there when I needed you
You never asked me how I feel
You didn´t love
Or never Show me
I guess I should hate you
But you are Always a part of my pray to god
Oh dear dad Im lonely

This is my Song to my Dad, Im glad that he can´t speak english and even if Im glad that he will never see this…