Hi guys,

you may have seen these kind of videos on YouTube, because I did and I really liked it. That´s why I wanted to write an article about it. I divided the opinions in different categories but you´ll see.
So have fun and let´s get started! :)

movies and shows
- Harry Potter is overrated
I´ve read two of the books and watched all the movies but I still don´t get why people love it so much. The character of Harry isn´t even so likeable or sympathetic. And all the other characters are so stereotypical. It´s just not my thing...

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- most sitcoms are annoying
I´m not saying that all sitcoms are annoying because I like Friends, but shows like How I Met Your Mother or The Big Bang Theory are just unnecassary. I always said that I hated the laughter in those shows but when I watched Friends I got used to it. Nevertheless it annoys me a bit plus there are thousands of episodes with at the end a tiny plot.

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- avocado does not taste good
I know that a lot of people love avocado but I think it just tastes like nothing and is really disgusting... Avocado in guacamole is okay but pure on bread - Um, nope.

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- alcohol sucks
A lot of people love to drink alcohol and can´t live without it on parties, but I just hate it and I cannot understand why people think it´s delicious. It´s so bitter and I don´t see a sense in getting drunk.

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- chips are overrated
I know I may be the only person on this planet thinking that but I hate chips. They are basically just fried potato slices with paprica taste and I think they´re overrated.

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- biker shorts are cool
I know some people love them but a lot of people hate them, so I wanted to include it. Bikershorts are such cool pieces if you pair them with a t-shirt and chunky sneakers. I think you either love them or hate them.

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- belt bags are overrated
In these days people love belt bags - Boys and girls. But I think that they are overrated...

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- reading is fun
I looove reading and I kinda collect books, so all I can say is: read! I just cannot understand why people hate to read or find it boring.

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- parties suck
I think it´s because I´m more of an introverted person but I do not enjoy parties at all. I just feel most comfortable at home alone :) I don´t know if there are some people out there supporting me in this case but maybe all of us introverts feel the same.

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- BTS is overrated
I know there are a lot of people out there hating me right now, so maybe I can get you to like me again by saying that I love BLACKPINK. :)
The point is that BTS hasn´t got such good songs I´d say and that the band is so big. Of course their videos are very high quality and the boys are cute but their songs for example "Idol" is not really my thing...

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Thank you for reading. I hope this didn´t make me unpopular... Please share your unpopular opinions as well if you think that was a cool article! Have a nice day!

xx Sarah