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I know most of us are young and free here, but I'm sure many of us think about our future which includes kids. And if you don't want kids, I'm sure you will still be a role model to some kids such as your nieces, nephews, students, etc. Like many say, kids are the future because they grow up and later they will be the ones running the world. But before they do that, it is our jobs to teach them about morals and ethics. It is our job to teach them about evil and what its consequences are. It is our job to open their minds and fill them with knowledge, truth, and virtue.

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I know some of you are going to think: well, everyone has a different point of view. Things that are okay to someone might not be okay to another. That's understandable. Your right may not be my right and my wrong may not be your wrong. I know, I know, I'm getting a tad philosophical here. You guys ever heard of individual relativism? Individual relativism basically states that whatever is right depends on that individual. The theory kind of refutes itself, though.

For example:
I think green apples are bad for your health. I'm right according to the theory.

You think green apples are good for your health. You are right according to the theory.

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Green apples are bad and good for your health? Which is it?

So, this theory cannot be. This just means that there is some universal truth and individual relativism isn't it.

Saying that, we can state that there are some objective truth (meaning, the right answer for everyone), that there are certain values to teach your kids that are ethically correct for everyone.

Which are they? Some are obvious:

  • Teach your kids to be open-minded and teach them not to believe everything they hear or read from one single source.
  • Teach them that the truth may be hard to accept, but telling it can free you from guilt.
  • Teach them to be kind, especially to people who need it the most.
  • Teach them pain and suffering shape us and make us stronger.
  • Teach them to expect less and give more.
  • Teach them war can destroy both sides, and in the process, it can hurt everyone.
  • Teach them patience is hard but it's a sweet fruit at the end.
  • Teach them to be grateful and be grateful yourself.
  • Teach them hard work.
  • Teach them to accept others more, doesn't matter how different they might be.
  • Teach them to find deeper meaning, to dig up the surface for hidden meaning.
  • Teach them to explore, to discover magical experiences.
  • Teach them you're like them and they're like you, and you are like the world-- all interconnected.
  • Teach them to fight for what they believe in.

And most importantly, teach them to love not hate. There's already so much hate in the world, someone outta change that. I hope it's you.

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