1. Be Kind

You never know what the other person has been through, so when someone is rude to you, don't answer back to it. Only smile and be gentle. Maybe it will help that other person to have a better day.
Little things are what life is worth for. Be that person who makes everybody a little bit more happy each day. Never be cruel.

"It's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate, it takes strength to be gentle and kind" — I Know It's Over, The Smiths
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2. Smile

When you smile, you transmit a sensation of serenity to others. It helps to spread happiness to people and even to yourself.
It makes you look prettier and helps to get through life looking at things with positivity.

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3. Do volunteer work

Help others and the planet is one of the greatest things you can do with your life. It will help you to be a better person and will change the world, even if it's a tiny little bit.

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4. Learn

Whether it is learning about life or getting good at something, just learn and become a person with a lot of knowlegdment.
Everybody always admire intelligent people. But remember to be humble about it, help others to learn with you in a kind way.

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5. Stop complaining a little bit

Be thankful about what you have, even if you wanted something and couldn't get it. You have a lot of great things, just look around and start to be happier.
You don't need expensive things, you have your family, your friends, a lot to look after to. Complaining will only make you look bad.

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6. Love yourself

It's cliche, but once you start loving yourself, other people you'll start loving you too because they're going to see the light in your eyes and the glow in your face.
You'll be confident as you walk in the room and will be confident while doing anything that's on this list. Stop caring about other people think and just be yourself.
You'll see the change once you start giving the world the light that's inside you.

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7. Enjoy life

There's only one life to live, when you're gone you won't be caring about all the bad things you did or said, or been told, because you'll remember every good thing you've done with your life and all the good you have done to other people.
So just take a deep breath and start enjoying this great world full of oportunities, you'll get surprise with all the amazing things you're gonna get from new experiencies

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