Hey everyone and welcome to the second article in this self-love/care series. I hope you are all doing ok. Last time I talked about 5 things you need to let go of in order to embark on this journey and now I am excited to share 4 ways you can incorporate self-love in your everyday life. Without any further ado, let's jump in shall we?

Tip 1: Give yourself a pep talk

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How many times do you bring yourself down? How many times do you ever analyze everything you do and in turn judge yourself? Let me tell you this, you spend too much time with yourself to be at war with yourself. So be your own best friend, pat yourself on the back and give yourself some supportive words when you need it. I love to do so when I am getting ready in the morning and when I do my skincare at night but find what's best for you. At first, it might feel strange. You are so used to beating yourself down that at first it might feel fake to talk to yourself lovingly. But let me tell you something, if it feels uncomfortable, you are on the right track. Let me explain myself a little better here, so whenever you keep doing what you always have done it is going to feel comfortable because you are safe and sound in your comfort zone ( or so you think) it is only when you push outside your own comfort that change starts to happen. I can't guarantee you that change will be easy but neither is becoming a butterfly but the caterpillar does it anyway, you know why? Because it is in its nature to do so and I know it is in all our nature to love especially when it comes to loving ourselves. So hang in there, keep pushing and eventually, you will thank yourself for doing the uncomfortable.

Tip 2: Surround yourself by people that bring out the best in you and let go of those that don't

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We all know those people that bring out the nasty parts of us. The ones that make us act in ways we are not proud of. Maybe to you, it is your friend which always gossips, you mother that always gives you the worst-case scenarios, the father that doesn't believe in you, the boyfriend that doesn't respect you. Whoever these people are in your life you have to either let them go or set boundaries. So for instance, if it is a friend you can decide to start meeting with them less often or not at all but if it is a family member, especially if you live under the same roof this may not always be possible. In such a case you can set boundaries. For instance, if your sister always belittles your big dreams, stop sharing them with her or if your mother always makes you doubt yourself try to not respond to such comments and most importantly make a mental note that you are worthy no matter what she is saying. I know it is difficult at times, to let go of toxic people, even when you are able to stop meeting with them. This is because deep down you care about these people and you are afraid to be lonely and also you don't want to be rude or hurt them. But let me tell you this, staying with the wrong people means you will still be lonely and it doesn't mean you are a bad person for letting them go. You should honor yourself and make it a commitment to only let people that bring out the best in you. This doesn't mean you don't love all the others, far from it, love them but love yourself enough to let them go. This is way easier said than done, I know to believe me but take these people as a challenge from the universe that wants to see how much you love yourself. If this feels overwhelming to do, start taking small steps. Start limiting the time spent with them little by little, limit what you share with them and eventually it will get easier. Before you do so I would set the intention that you are doing this for your own sake and by doing so you will be a better version of yourself and will be making the world a better place and don't forget to send these people love.

Tip 3: Spend time alone

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This was a game-changer for me. There was a time when I feared being alone with my own head but once I started living on my own, it was so liberating. When you are alone you are able to hear your own thoughts and are then able to separate them from all the ideas you receive outside yourself. You have yourself for life so might as well enjoy your own company. We all know how exciting it is when you are just starting a new relationship with someone and you are just getting to know each other, So get excited and curious about getting to know all about you. What are your favorite bands and why? What is your favorite season? ( mine is fall, can't wait !!!) Be honest with your answers, there is no one to impress. Once you are comfortable with your own presence and have a deeper sense of who you are your relationships will flourish. You will start building more authentic relationships and you start acting more from a sense of inner knowing rather than being carried away by the currents of everybody else's opinions. Getting to know yourself is not a do once and you are done kind of experience but rather an ongoing process. So make time for it. You don't have to become a hermit (but if you want to why not ? ) you can have a dedicated time each day to just be with yourself, take yourself out for coffee and wear that sexy underwear just for yourself haha. If you are in a relationship you might want your partner to know that you want some time for yourself and if they love you they will respect that. This will only help you show up as better people in the relationship. If you are currently single (where are all those fellow single ladies out there ?), take this time as a blessing to improve yourself and start enjoying your own presence. This will leave you more open for love and you will attract a great partner that Loves you as much as you already love yourself.

Tip 4: Feed your body with Love

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Well having had an eating disorder my relationship with food is not perfect but I am always making a mental note to fuel my body from a place of love. Food gives us a choice. Our body technically is built from the building blocks in our food so by choosing healthy food we are choosing a healthy body. When it comes to eating healthy it is important to let go of the diet mentality. Your body is an incredible vessel so why do you keep punishing it by restricting? or hurting it by over indulging in unhealthy foods? Balance is key here, it is ok to allow yourself to eat dessert and ice cream once in a while. It is ok, great even, you deserve to allow yourself to treat yourself. But always keep in mind that your body is your home and what you feed it will either strengthen or weaken it. I know our relationship with food may be complicated, but let us not let that keep us stuck in the same old cycles, let us all decide to feed ourselves from a place of love. And let us be ok when we fail when we restrict let us forgive ourselves when we overindulge let us forgive ourselves. we will never be perfect but perfection is not the point here.

I hope you enjoyed today's article and will be talking to you all next Tuesday. If you like my content you can follow my self-love series and my blog. That would mean a lot to me. If this article helped you share it with someone you know will benefit from it and help me in making the world a better place.

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Love you all

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