hi sweet people of internet, hope you're doin' good

call to me and i will answer you and i will show you great and hidden things that you don't know Jeremiah 33:3

the first time i heard it was in my school and that one really increased my faith, i know if i ask something to The Lord, He will answer me, 'cause He always hear us.

why do you fear, men of so little faith? Matthew 8:26

i heard this in my school too, i was so afraid of the things to come, like if i had no faith in that the things to come were to be good and not bad

i didn't came to call righteous, but sinners Mark 2:17

Jesus came for me, and for you, the ones that need to be restore

blessed the ones who cry, 'cause they'll be comforted matthew 5:4

i cry a lot, but that's okay

someone will say "everything is permitted" but not everything suits, "everything is permitted" but not everything edify 1 corinthians 10:23

i heard it on school, and i can do anything? yes, but should i? no, i've done a lot of bad things but Jesus forgave me

love suffers everything, believes everything, hopes everything, endures everything 1 corinthians 13:7

i was confused with a boy, but this really made me know that this is real love, he loves me, and i love him, love's not like in movies, more like in bibles

the version i used, is not in the english translations, is reina valera 2000 i just translated to the english, that one only exist in spanish and is my favorite version ever

thank u for reading, hope you liked it