Hello and Holla friends, this is an article in collaboration with Alejandra and our idea is to show you, my top 5 dream destinations and her top 5 dream destinations.

I’m gonna star with my ( Zarrina ) 5 dream destination:

1. America ( New York, Los Angeles, Chicago )
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Big city, full of lights, so many people, the perfect place to start a new life and like the song says: " New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of ... "
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Sunny days, palm trees, the ocean view, ocean breeze, a tour at the Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland Resort, a long walk on the fabulous Hollywood sign, Hollywood Boulevard, the Walk of Fame.
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A visit at he Millennium Park, Art Institute of Chicago, Lincoln Park Zoo, Garfield Park Conservatory, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Science and Industry, Adler Planetarium, Music Box Theatre; a spectacular view on 360 CHICAGO’s TILT.
Of course, America has so many other things and placeses to leave your American Dream.
2. Asia
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You can't describe Asia in one world, it is more than that, is the place where the modern life meets the traditional life, spectacular views, the history of each country ( 48 ).
3. Spain
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Simply in love with the culture and language, traditions and so many other tipical Spain things. There are so many placeses you can visit and things to do and pleople to met.
4. Netherlands
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The cities, the landscapes, the entertainment, the life in the heart of the cities.
5. Brazil
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Sugar Loaf, Rio de Janeiro, Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro, Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro, Iguaçu Falls, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro; get lost in Amazon Rain Forests; Belo Horizonte, the place where wealth and poverty meet in half.
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For me, if I can I will tavel all around the world and see every single part of each country and city, everything.

Hi, guys, I´m Alejandra and now it´s my turn to show you the places I would love
to visit. Let us begin!

1. Buenos Aires (Argentina)
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I would love to go, since there lives a lot of people that I admire and also...I love their accent!
2. Seattle (U.S.A)
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I love the United States, as a child I went to New York. But I would love to go to Seattle!
3. Perth (Australia)
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This place is simply magical.
4. Madagascar (Africa)
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This place must be very interesting, I wanna go!
5. Romania (Europe)
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Romania is beautiful, I have many Friends there and it would be great to travel there.

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Zarrina and Alejandra