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I've seen a lot of these "this or that" challenges on WHI, but I didn't yet see a kpop version.

So I thought why not and made one.
Enjoy :)


Btw, I came up with these questions myself, so if you remake this tag, I would be happy if you could credit me :D


Soloists or Groups?


kpop, yuna, and itzy image boys, icons, and kpop image
Itzy, TXT

Girlgroups or Boygroups?


blackpink, red velvet, and kpop image Image removed
Red Velvet/Blackpink, CLC

Vocalists or Rappers?


CL, 2ne1, and kpop image Temporarily removed
CL, Suga

Hyungs/Unnies or Maknaes?


Image removed solar, mamamoo, and kpop image
Nayeon, Solar

Badass concepts or Cute concepts?


breakthrough, twice, and mina image sana, jeongyeon, and once image
Breakthrough, Happy happy

Sub-Units or Solos?


jennie, blackpink, and icon image twit, mamamoo, and hwasa image
Solo, Twit

2nd Gen or 3rd Gen groups?

3rd Gen groups

jisung, seungmin, and stray kids image icons pink, yuqi icons, and gidle yuqi image
Stray kids, Gidle

Collabs with western or korean artists?

Collabs with korean artists

cap, kpop, and red velvet image gidle, red velvet, and seulgi image
Selfish, Wow thing

Albums or Lightsticks?


soft, izone, and kpop album image Image removed
Heart*iz, Square up

Title- or Sidetracks?

Title tracks

Image by Loup Image removed
Zimzalabim, DNA

Music videos or Dance practices?

Music videos

jennie, blackpink, and kpop image aesthetic, asian, and asian girl image
Whistle, Noir

SM or YG or JYP?


kpop, twice, and sana image yuna image
Sana, Yuna

Fanmeetings or Concerts?


Image removed 4minute, hyuna, and dream concert 2015 image
Jimin, Hyuna

Natural hair colors or dyed hair?

Dyed hair

bts, taehyung, and v image twice, dahyun, and kpop image
V, Dahyun

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