Favorite book

harry potter, sirius black, and azkaban image harry potter and prisoner of azkaban image
Prisoner of Azkaban

Least favorite book
I love all of them!

Favorite movie

black, book, and fire image Temporarily removed
Goblet of fire

Least favorite movie

harry potter, privet drive, and owl image harry potter, hermione, and hermione granger image
Philosopher's stone

Moments when you cried

Image removed
When Syrius, Cedrik, Lupin and Dobby are dies

Favorite male and female character

harry potter, sirius black, and quotes image Image removed
Syrius Black
harry potter, luna lovegood, and luna image Temporarily removed
Luna Lovegood

Male and female character that you hate

gif, harry potter, and hogwarts image black, ed, and fandom image
Scabbers/ Petegrew

Favorite Weasley

harry potter, Fred, and george image Image removed
_Fred and George Weasley (for me they are just like one person)

Favorite magical creature

centaur, dark forest, and harry potter image

Favorite teacher

harry potter and remus lupin image diagram, werewolf, and wolf image
Remus Lupin

Best Ghost
_Nearly headless (I can't find his photo on WHI)

Questions about me

In which Hogward's house are you?

lion, animal, and king image gryffindor, harry potter, and hogwarts image

Your patronus

animal, cat, and expecto patronum image always, harry potter, and snape image
I have cat

Ivermorny house

Your pet

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Black Cat

Any Ship?

draco malfoy, edit, and fandom image Temporarily removed
Drarry and Wolfstar

Soooo, That's it. Hope you like it.
And Goodbye!