I'm in tag/challenges mood. Ok, bye.

My inspiration came from... (▼)

Yes. I mixed them.

Mermaids or angels

mermaid, aesthetic, and legs image mermaid, sea, and ocean image
Mermaids are cooler.

Extrovert, ambivert or introvert

girl, friends, and vintage image barefoot, blonde, and books image
Ambivert. I like to be surrounded by people as much as I like to be on my own.

Movies or books

book, vintage, and old image book, vintage, and old image
When you read you're inside a story, when you watch a movie you are just watching it. So, books.

Spring or fall

autumn, fall, and leaves image Temporarily removed
Spring makes me ill. Can't pick it.

Rain or sunshine

book, girl, and reading image autumn, window, and fall image
I love rain, but imagine living only with rain. Nope.

Dancing or singing

bts, jhope, and hoseok image bts, jimin, and kpop image

Tea, coffee or hot chocolate

Image removed aesthetic, drink, and healthy image
Tea 'cause it heals my soul.

Europe or America

map, travel, and world image Temporarily removed
Choosing is unfair, so I won't.

Cats or dogs

animals, dog, and puppies image Image removed

Bath or shower

Image removed selfcare image
Baths are heavenly, people.

Caramel or chocolate

boy, coffee, and date image Image removed
Always chocolate. Easy answer.

Pants or skirts

beige, fashion, and minimalistic image fashion, style, and outfit image
Pants are great, skirts are mhm.

High heels or sneakers

vans, yellow, and sneakers image nike, yellow, and shoes image
You should always wear comfy outfits.

Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl

Image removed blair waldorf, chair, and chuck bass image
I only know one masterpiece, xoxo.

Homesick or adventurous

travel, photography, and vintage image train, travel, and adventure image
One week, sleeping in three different places, a dream to me.

Banana or coconut

aesthetic, korean, and milk image banana, aesthetic, and theme image
A must.

Pizza or hamburger

food, pizza, and cheese image delicieux, food, and pizza image
Pizza is my top one favourite food.

Denim or leather

blue, flowers, and jeans image blue, flowers, and aesthetic image
Again, comfy goes first.

Smooth jazz or classical

I don't know enough to answer this.

Okay! Thank you so much for reading. Hope you're having a beautiful, lovely, incredible day! L. x

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