We all want to spice up our looks now and then, that's why I'm making this lists of things that will definitely spice up your look!


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I love wearing sunglasses in my hair, because it looks nice and it keeps my hair out of my face.


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I love bags but I don't use them myself!


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I've had earrings ever since I can remember and it's just fun to combine different kinds of earrings (loops, stones...)


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I've always loved wearing necklaces, you literally have every kind of necklace so you'll definitely find one that you like!


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I personally love wearing anklets but I know people who don't, I love the shell ones, they're really cute!


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I personally don't like wearing them, but they're an amazing way to make your look look perfect and stylish!

bucket hats

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I personally don't have a bucket hat that I actually wear, but I think they're amazing and just so cool!


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This is my favourite kind of accessorie, I love rings so much I have way to many rings though!

hair clips

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I've been loving hair clips as of late, they're an amazing way to make your hairstyle look even better


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I've never really liked wearing bracelets, but I've been loving them lately... Scrunchies are also very cute!

♡ > written by Rose (@rosesgardenx)

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