Hey everyone,
I think everyone has that feeling of the first school day after summer holidays where you wake up and just want to drop school, feeling like a ghost. You are tired and not ready for school , even tho you had two month of holidays which were still not enough at all. Trust me you are not alone with this feeling. I have some tips for you to get better back in that back to school feeling and to make the first day/morning of school as comfortable as possible. And when you go to school you are already organized and prepared. . Enjoy reading it :).

Try to go to bed earlier the week before school starts and wake up earlier in the morning ,so your sleep rhythm gets used to the early times when school starts and it will be easier for you to stand up on the first days.
Start to organize yourself a few days before school starts, buy all the things you need for your new school year and of course the 50 different really important color pencils ;). Write all the important dates and events already in your calendar so you have a overview of what is going to happen in the school year.

Make yourself overnight porridge , go showering and decide what to wear at the evening , that´s how you safe a lot of time in the morning and you can sleep longer , so it is a win-win situation for you.
Don´t overstress how you want to look on the first day. Do a messy bun with your hair , looks cute and is comfortable. Just wear a cool pair of jeans , nice boots or sneaker , a t-shirt and a long coat to make it more stylish and voila the perfect look.
And also a good one is to drink, right after you wake up, water . Your body will wake up quicker and you feel more energetic.
And last but not least what you can´t miss is coffee , I couldn't survive without it in the morning, or drink your matcha, earl grey or green tea, it will wake you up.
Hope you liked it an you are now motivated a bit for school.
xx Carla